GC ( GeeCee): Goods-Cycle

This is a business concept to operate a fleet of goods-cycle ( GC ) within the shopping belt of Singapore. Tourist hire this for a certain hours to collect and cart their purchases. When these carts are fully filled, the cyclist would then wheel it back to their respective hotel, while they continue with their shopping spree.

I see it as an alternative to hiring a car. The advantages of this is the ease and convenient of stationing such craft while waiting, unlike a car which are highly regulated and probably more costly to operate.  The size of the carriage would certainly fit most of the day’s shopping.  The goods are secured as the operator ( cyclist ) is with the craft throughout the duration of his service.

Believe this will greatly enhance the shopping experience for the tourist who comes here.

This is a new business concept. If you are interested to develope this concept, please contact me: windslider@me.com Or if you know of someone whom are looking into investing in Singapore, tell them about us.




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