See the Bionic “Luke” Arm In Action

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It took eight years of research, but the inventor of the Segway finally succeeded in developing the closest thing to a replacement for amputated arms—and it’s a game changer. Dean Kamen’s bionic version works by picking up on the electric signals near the point of amputation and translating those to the…

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Figure IN

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Windslider represents my thoughts, my dream and my life. I am an individual who deals with Design ( Interior ) as a full time job. One of my many hobbies evolve around Remote Control Crafts in the form of  Trucks, Heli and Sea Vessel. My other hobby centered on Game Simulation, especially on Flight. Both of these are pretty technical and mind-boggling most of the time. For relaxation, I collect works of art to calm my nerves . Japanese Figurine being one of my favorites.

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